Hello world!

Mountains, alps, norway

Mountains of Møre og Romsdal in March 2015

This is my first photo blog ever. My goal is to show you what I see.

I will post my pictures here, both unedited and edited. I´ll tell and show with pictures the photos that will get to print.
I will also have a portfolio that you can leave comments or what you feel like to do. Inquiries can be done by comment or send me an email. That you’ll find in the contact me link 🙂

I´m learning photoshop, lightroom and indesign. Probably is going to add some post about what i´m doing and how i do it. Maybe someone out there likes it or are pissed off of what i´m doing and tells me what I should do. I love critic, both positive and negative. But positive though 🙂

So this blog will contain pictures mostly with either stories or just a few words. It might not even have that.

And as I said earlier, i´ll probably post my frustration when things don´t go my way.

Hope you like, and please come with tips if you have some 🙂


Linda the Photonymph


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