Wow it´s been a few months

Hey there…

Its been a few months with silence now. I´ve been gone in some sort of hiding, somewhat like the bear is doing in the winter.

Yeah, I know the best pictures is in winter time, but it hasen´t been a good winter here. Just dead bushes and trees. Not that white power of light and the awesome skies. Well the skies has been there, but not the snow.
And I´ve been busy with so much other stuff.

Now I’m in this fase with exercise, maintain my health… Witch sucks ass nowadays. But will surely be better in a few months. And that is going to be a powerboats to take photos too, cause I’m gonna start running and walking mountains again. And NOT forgetting my camera.

Are saving money to a new lens too, so the pictures in evening and nighttime is going to be more easy to do without a tripod.

Just need that boost. And there are some photo competitions starting in 2016 too. That I really want to compete in.

So you´ll see more of me, and i´ll share some more photos of beautiful landscapes and portrait photos 🙂

Have a Happy New Year everyone, hope it will boost your goals too!




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